Why Buy NORYA®? - Norya Furniture - Singapore's No.1 Premium Storage Furniture Brand

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Why Buy NORYA®?


Beat the Disadvantages of Built-in Cabinets


  1. What you see is what you get (WYSIWYG). There is no risk of guessing. More than half of new homeowners that custom makes their cabinets admit that the final result differs significantly from the original design.
  2. Part of designing your home is guessing and changing. Partners agree and disagree all the time. Seldom does anyone get it right the first time. Standalone products let us do this. 
  3. The quality of built-ins is always never better than ours. Most built-ins use laminates, plywood and PVC lining. These materials are glued together by hand. There is no heat or pressure applied. The result is peeling and chipping laminates and linings.
  4. As the saying goes what is inside is more important. With our stuff, you can have your cake and eat it too. Our cabinets are finished on both the inside and outside. It is finished on the back, the bottom and on the insides. You see either walnut, oak or piano gray. No raw wood or MDF. No rough finishes. This is what premium furniture is all about.