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About Norya - Singapore's & Asia's No.1 Premium Storage Furniture Brand


Norya is modular. Norya is configurable. Norya is beautiful.

Norya's biggest asset is probably its huge scale of configurable furniture pieces, all beautifully finished on all sides with premium German oils and waxes. Norya makes it easy to install and dismantle according to need and it gives an almost instant modern look to any homes.

Looking to the limitation of space in flat apartments, Norya's highly modular furniture proves extremely helpful in saving space while providing flexibility to arrange according to your desired choices.


Why Buy NORYA?


Beat the Disadvantages of Built-in Cabinets


  1. What you see is what you get (WYSIWYG). There is no risk of guessing. More than half of new home owners that custom make their cabinets admit that the final result differs significantly from the original design.
  2. Part of designing your home is guessing and changing. Partners agree and disagree sll the time. Seldom does anyone get it right the first time. Standalone products let us do this. 
  3. The quality of built-ins are always never better than ours. Most built-ins use laminates, plywood and PVC lining. These materials are glued together by hand. There is no heat or pressure applied. The result is peeling and chipping laminates and linings.
  4. As the saying goes what is inside is more important. With our stuff you can have your cake and eat it too. Our cabinets are finished on both the inside and outside. It is finished on back, the bottom and on the insides. You see either walnut , oak or piano grey. No raw wood or MDF. No rough finishes. This is what premium furniture is all about.


NORYA D5 - American Walnut Collection 

Norya primarily has three main collections, each collection made using three different premium woods - American Walnut (D5), European Dark Oak (D6) and American White Oak (D8).
The American Walnut Collection is mainly made using premium American Walnut solid wood and solid wood veneers. The luxurious wood exhibits darker-wood grains with a beautiful golden satin finish done using German oils and waxes. All table tops and cabinet panels are UV polymer treated for protection and color durability. The modular design also makes it possible to have hundreds and thousands of configurations. This configurability does not compromise on quality whatsoever. All mechanisms and parts found in every Norya piece use premium quality parts manufactured by Titus (UK) and Heittich (Germany) - 304 stainless steel hinges, drawer glides, bolts and nuts. The American Walnut collection is a complete home furnishing solution - beds, wardrobes, dressers, night stands, cabinets, shelvings, hanging cabinets, TV consoles, dining tables, chairs and so much more.


NORYA D6 - European Dark Oak Collection

Norya's European Dark Oak collection also features a complete home furnishing solution with just as wide a collection as the American Walnut series.


NORYA D8 - German White Oak Collection

Norya's German White Oak Collection is the latest addition to the Norya collection of furniture. This D8 Collection also features a total home furnishing solution with furniture for every rooms including study, dining, living, entertainment and bedroom. All D8 furniture are fully finished with premium German oils & waxes.


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